Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal

Organized by: International University Sports FederationFISU

Undertaken by: Federation of University Sports of ChinaFUSC

Shanghai University of Engineering ScienceSUES

Co-organized by: Chinese Football Association

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Shanghai Sports Bureau

People's Government of Songjiang District, Shanghai

Federation of University Sports of Shanghai

Date: 18-24 July 2022

  • 07.15-07.16, arrival and accreditation of delegations and officials  

  • 07.16, pre-competition training for all delegations.

  • 07.17, opening ceremony (3 to 5 cultural programs are arranged according to the FISU agenda), and the Opening match.

  • 07.18-07.24, match day.

*After the group match, a half-day or one-day cultural experience activity will be arranged (a visit to Guangfulin site).

  • On the afternoon of July 24, closing ceremony (according to the FISU agenda, there will be 1-2 cultural programs) and special events (including a closing dinner).

  • 07.25, departure.

Location: ShanghaiCHN

Typical Format:

Men 16 teams

Women 16 teams


Tel: +86 21 67791308