OC of Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal visited Shanghai Football Association


In order to better promote the preparation of 2022 FISU Championship Futsal, Jianxin Zhang (Event Manager of OC), Xinyu Chu and Shunjie Ding(the staff of OC), visited Shanghai Football Association on July 16, 2021. Haiguang Liu (the President of SFA), Jinchao Jia and Fugui Chen (deputy secretary general of SFA) attended the meeting.

The first, Jianxin Zhang introduced the basic situation of 2022 FISU Championship Futsal. He hoped that SFA could give some support to the the event from the personnel and technical aspects, especially recommend an expert with fluent English as Competition Manager as soon as possible.

The leaders of SFA said that they would fully cooperate with the OC in the preparation of the event, and recommended Chen Fugui (deputy secretary general of SFA) as Competition Manager to be responsible for the competition.

The two sides also exchanged views on the organization of Shanghai Football League, the training of referees and coaches.