SUES Has a Video Conference with FISU and FUSC


SUES Has a Video Conference on the Preparations for Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal with FISU and FUSC

On Dec. 8, 2020, SUES had a video conference on the preparations for FISU World University Futsal Championship 2022 with FISU and FUSC. Pauline Hamonic, FISU Program Director, Yuetong Yan, FUSC International Liaison Director, and Xiaoqing Zhu, SUES Deputy Secretary, Vice President and Preparatory Committee’s Executive Director attended the conference.

Pauline Hamonic asked questions about the Organizing Committee’s structure, the marketing plan, and the event LOGO, etc., which were the focus of concern for FISU. The Preparatory Committee’s members answered the questions one by one and reported to FISU and FUSC in the form of PPT on the progress of the preparations, the Organizing Committee’s members and structure.

At the conference, Xiaoqing Zhu thanked FISU and FUSC for their great attention and support to the preparations of FISU World University Futsal Championship 2022 on behalf of SUES. She said that FISU World University Futsal Championship 2022 would be the world's highest-level futsal event for university students. It is the first time for China to host this event and also the first time for SUES to host an international sports event. FISU has cancelled the FISU World University Futsal Championship 2020 in Poland due to COVID-19. This indicates the importance of FISU World University Futsal Championship 2022. Therefore, SUES attaches great importance to the preparations for the event, stresses multi-party cooperation, carefully prepares for the event and strictly implements all requirements. In the past year, SUES held four special work meetings and set up a Preparatory Committee with one office and ten teams to promote the preparations for FISU World University Futsal Championship 2022. The Preparatory Committee’s leaders led the teams to actively communicate with Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Administration of Sports, SIPG and other government departments and enterprises. While obtaining policy and financial support, the event’s organization, reception and marketing were designed at the top level. SUES also sent the Preparatory Committee’s members to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Huaqiao University, Xuzhou University of Technology and other universities with experience in hosting FISU events to learn the organizing process and points for attention. In the following preparatory work, SUES will continue to strengthen communication and coordination with FISU and FUSC, and draw on the experience in organizing international sports events in Shanghai over the years. With much effort put into preliminary planning, SUES will strictly carry out the countdown schedule for event preparations in various tasks and strengthen the collection and integration of resources in various aspects to make good preparations for the event. We believe that with the joint efforts of the three parties, a professional, international and brilliant futsal event for university students will be presented to the world in 2022.

FISU program official Alejandro Guerra, FUSC program officials Yuan Cao, Jiangang Wang and Yuan Li, the Preparatory Committee’s Yang Xu and Guohui Zeng also attended the conference.