Description of the LOGO Design for Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal


The emblem design strives to be lucid and lively, rich in connotations and Shanghai’s unique cultural features. Through the techniques of expression in modern visual design, it conveys the unique and distinctive concept of Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal.

1. Graphic Design

The emblem’s graphic design consists of the image of a Magnolia, Shanghai's city flower, the shape of the letter U, the first letter of the word University, and the outline of a football decorated with stars. The Magnolia represents the cultural image and regional characteristics of Shanghai, aiming to carry forward the spirit of Shanghai culture. The capital letter U stands for the participating university students, aiming to highlight the athlete-centered design concept and the people-oriented spirit of university sports. The five stars of different sizes represent the category of the championship and remind people of the host country China. The five petals of the Magnolia represent the five players in each futsal team and the participating teams from five continents. The overall image of the emblem is full, interpreting the principles of friendship and fair play, as well as the spirit of sincerity, nobility and simplicity to the maximum extent. At the same time, it shows the confidence of Shanghai culture to go to the world with a new look.

2. Color Design

The emblem uses the colors of the five Olympic rings: blue, black, red, yellow and green. This not only represents the participating teams from five continents, but also embodies the Championship's ambition to carry forward the Olympic spirit. Yellow is on the left in the emblem, representing the host city Shanghai (China, Asia). Blue is on the right, representing Europe, the birthplace of football and the location of FISU. Red has always been regarded as the representative color of China. It is the main color of the national flag of China, representing the People's Republic of China. The psychological attributes of red include positiveness, enthusiasm and upward-ness, symbolizing the passion of sports. Red also represents teams from the Americas. Black and green represent teams from Africa and Oceania respectively. Teams from all five continents gather in the Magnolia, implying the Championship will be an exciting university futsal event.